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I'm not a secret to being a huge Google fan. Google is far more than Gmail and search – there are a lot of useful free tools and I'm always looking for new ones. Today I want to review a tool I use every day for both professional and personal use: Google Calendar.


The Google Calendar includes all of the features that you have received when you open a free Gmail account. Despite being free, very powerful and full of features. I've used Outlook and Blackberry calendars before, and I can not find anything missing on Google Calendar. If you are using a business event calendar, you can use your Google Calendar to publish it on your site without programming knowledge.

What You Love

Here are just the 5 most important features I like. Much more is, but it gives enough incentive to check. There are also some new features that are tested in the Google lab that you can enable (check the Labs tab in your calendar settings).

  1. Synchronize with Timetrade ( account so customers can schedule their own appointments. Timetrade appears only when I'm available, not my meeting or what I'm doing when I'm not available.
  2. Personal privacy settings allow you to provide as much or as much with your spouse or assistant as you like.
  3. You can invite other Gmail users to events and, if accepted, will appear in the calendar. This is great for things to come together.
  4. You can specify multiple calendars to appear in the main view. Mine is the red, blue birthday, on the United States holiday, blue and business, or purple lanterns on the holidays. This is useful because I know at a glance what appointments are and I can only look if I want to. You can use this feature to use different family members or company features.
  5. I love seamless sync with my Android phone.

I go on (and I do it often!) But you get the idea – this is a great product that is free. One of my guiding principles when choosing the tools used for soloprene business is the economy. If I have a choice, I like things that pay less, assuming they're doing the job. You can pay an online calendar, but Google Calendar is a great example of an excellent tool that's free.

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