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Hugo became the first smell of Hugo Boss in 1995, and I think he's still one of the best. As mentioned in our Cologne behavior, there are scents that work better at different times of the day and Hugo, in my opinion, is one of the best living colonies. I've been using the Hug since 2002, and I have never tired of it. I probably got more compliments at Hugo than any other Cologne I used.

Hugo with a smell of Cologne; grapefruit, green apple, fennel and cedar "tops". The "middle note" is jasmine, sage and lavender. The "basics" include the vibrations of mosses, sandalwood and pillows, although I have been in difficulty with the veil.

One of the mistakes that men wear are lighter, day-to-day collogens, the pursuit of excessive effort, just because it has a smoother smell. It must sprinkle the trunk up to three times, but not more. Hugo runs through the day and until the night if he leaves the work later in the evening. Although you may find it too easy for the evening event, no one will support you while you talk to you because you feel like you are bathed in it.

Something to avoid if you plan to have a heavier fragrance in the evening to avoid cologne. First, shower and remove the odor of the day, including Cologne. Cologne will lose power during the day, but will be enough to discard the intended flavor of other fragrances. Another reminder, never spill your clothes, for it will definitely throw away the notes that are intended for Cologne, and the clothes will have a smell of smell.

Hugo Boss describes it as an iconic scent in Hugo's iconic bottle; the first HUGO fragrance that presents the avant-garde combination between marine notes and forest agreement. This fresh creation is a contemporary classic where green aromatic notes show balance on the water's peak and its distinctive appendix. I have to say that this is a propaganda I fully agree with. It is always difficult to find the great Cologne that not only meets the time of the day but also meets you. Hugo is very universal, some great clear notes that do not hurt anyone. I'm sure the ladies (and maybe some guys) are greeted with great greetings.

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