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When I first heard Mike Dillard's "Building On A Budget" handbook, I can not wait to buy it. I'm not worried about spending thousands of dollars a month for executives, but I quickly realized that the new business partners I picked up could not afford to spend the same money. So I began to research the various ways of building lists that did not sell arms and feet. This has resulted in "Based on Budget"

I must say that parts of this book can really be opened up and some have basically lead to dead ends.

For example: When I purchased this manual, I thought how to achieve the various forms of free traffic generation. But when I got it, some parts of the book looked like this:

"Video sharing is a great way to generate free traffic".

Mike then says:

resources on how to make good videos that generate a lot of traffic. "

These sources are undoubtedly spending money on viewing and using. My problem is that if I sell a handbook about how to free traffic, I want to step by step instructions. I do not want to direct it to the next site to fix it yet a $ 35 to $ 100 to get the information.

The book deals with the following topics.

Recording pictures



Press Releases


Funded Proposal

Chapters on press releases and blogging have gained insights. It was step by step how to create and distribute a press release and create and start a blog.

The chapter about CraigsList actually led me. I used to try to use CraigsList earlier, and I felt like I was wasting time. I tried to take advantage of one of the "resources" that gave me more money and these techniques were outdated and archaic. She was not impressed.

The chapter about videos provided some information and some good video distribution services. Then they were instructed to study the videos of other boys and go to MLM goldmine (which cost thousands of dollars) if they want to learn the videos. Again, she was not impressed.

Chapters of lead and the funded proposal are all basically designed to purchase MLM's Traffic formula or to start promoting your Magnetic Sponsor site.

I think I would pay and I would not be too disappointed with this book. However, I feel it is traded as if it were a step-by-step instruction, not a resource management manual. Let me decide.

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