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We present the Omega luxury massage bed, which is Montage Elite in this review. Montage Elite is designed for the US market and can pick up up to 6 to 39 cm and up to 300 lbs and highlights the most important features of Massage Bed and Warranty Coverage. One of the most important things to check your Massage , warranty cover The massage chair is a large number of moving parts, computers and other electrical components, although the quality of these chairs is outstanding, sometimes problems arise. make sure relaxation does not become frustrating because you have not got the right guarantee.

Montage Elite gets a good, comprehensive guarantee from the gate, provides a 5 year coverage on the frame, 3 years coverage on the parts, 3 years coverage on the job market, 1 year coverage at delivery cost of the parts and 90 days of home service, which has an excellent coverage and exceeds the other brands in the luxury massage category. other top brands, but you need to buy an extended warranty.

The Montage Elite contains 5 thematic programs. Each one-button program is aimed at another achievement. For example, the night is much more humble and a quiet sleep is made for the night. Activation is much more vivid, and blood flows and muscles are released for strenuous activity. Make it yours, depending on what you are looking for.

There are also 4 manual massage techniques available. Montage Elite knocks, feels fingerprints and shiatsu. These are further supplemented by 6 manual back-end courses. You can choose from the full back, the lower back, the middle upper back, the shoulder, and the neck. The shoulder and neck are unique to Omega. You can get the skull's upper shoulders, shoulders, and lower neck. They greatly relieve the ignited voltage in these areas.

The lower body serves to treat the air massage system. The air massage system covers the bottom, the thigh, the hip, the calves and the legs. The air massage system is powered by a compressor that provides air to the airbags that are strategically placed in the chair. Especially the Footflex massage. Footflex is a reflexive foot massage based on the legs of the legs. If you enjoy foot massage, Montage Elite is for you.

Montage Elite comes with a lower body stretching system. This stretching system effectively stretches your legs, hips and decompresses the lower back. The foot rest activates the airbags to hold their feet. Rest your feet will rise. Then, the foot rest is reduced to three consecutive lower positions. Every time he descends, he stretches his lower body. This will help increase muscles and increase flexibility.

Montage Elite also comes with full body heat. Heat excels swelling and increases blood flow. You can adjust the heat of your seat's back seat, seat, or leg and control them individually. Want to relax your mind? Elite's built-in MP3 player is listening to your favorite music. Headphones incorporate the world and relaxation. You can also synchronize mass movements with the music rhythm. This massage bed chair contains everything!

Montage Elite has an attractive, modern design. Black, dark brown and ivory. The armrests really lift up and allow the wheelchair. This is an outstanding luxurious massage bed. It is one of the best guarantees in the classroom. A full range of massage therapies and free features are available. If you are looking for a higher body massage, you owe it to look at the Omega Montage Elite massage.

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