Product Overview – Panasonic EP-MA20 Massage Chair

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There are many different massage vendors to choose from, but Panasonic is the test of time. Massage sessions have been made for over 35 years. One of the most recent back-ups is the EP-MA20 massage chair. This massage chair review will point out some of the advanced features of this advanced back seat.

The EP MA20 is designed to be a new intensity control sensor. This means that it provides a more evenly balanced massage for all body types. The newly developed smart engine is powered by a microprocessor that is six times faster than the previous Panasonic.

This new, balanced massage can be achieved by developing a new roller that will put an equal pressure on all your contact points. The new advanced microprocessor will transfer information about your organization to the massaging mechanism. It can be set much faster than before

The new intensity control sensor allows the remote control to be used to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. This allows you to achieve a little deeper penetration or less penetration depending on your wishes. The intensity control sensor is located on the remote control and can be set as required

This rear light fixture also has an air massage system. The air system uses 14 airbags located in the footrest. These airbags are specially designed to fit calves and feet better with a soothing compression massage.

Another important feature of the backrest is foot reflexion massage. This backrest removes reflexology plates found under the feet. These specially designed disks stimulate the footsteps for attenuating reflection massage.

Panasonic also has a stretch system built into the backrest. This helps alleviate stiffness on the lower back, hip and thigh. The lower leg air system presses the lower legs while simultaneously lowering the leg support to elongate the lower body.

This is a motorized rear wall too. Use the remote control to automatically adjust the chair. Raises the engine to the back of the seat and to the footrest for a comfortable position.

The remote control contains three preset programs. These preset programs are automatic programs that are designed in the backrest. With this button you can use full body massage.

The three preset massage programs are Swedish, deep and shiatsu. Each separate program provides a full body, 15 minutes massage. This is a great way to relax and let the back seat do its job.

You can concentrate on certain parts of the body. You can choose from five types of massage therapies. Choose neck, shoulder, center back, back or back. Massage is limited to the area selected on the manual massage course.

The backrest design is quite modern. The backrest has silvery emphasis on the armrest and its base. The arm is long, sloping, very long. The back of the chair is very thick to accommodate the newly developed roller-coaster system.

If you've got massage chairs available today, check out the Panasonic EP-MA 20 massage table. It contains many soothing programs. Provides massages and relaxing and relaxing.

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