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Anyone who uses the Internet for any use is as essential as email, shopping, or business management to use an effective and up-to-date antivirus and spyware monitoring system to protect your personal, business, and financial information. Although credit card theft is the number one identity theft, computer thefts are the first five theft of identity theft.

There are three main ways of identity theft about using the Internet:

-Phishing. You will receive an email from one of your best-known online service providers or your bank, alerting you that your bank or other account is in danger, and then asks you to link and "sign up". instructions, you will be provided with third party access and access to your account. Most often, I received this type of message from a group that was "PayPal", but I got it from an entity that made it like a local credit union.

-Spyware: You may not even know it's on your computer without a spyware detection system. This software is used to record keystrokes to obtain personal or financial information when buying a business or online bank. It can also be used for confidential information on the hard drive.

-Shoping: The legitimate web site will be "hi-jacked", redirecting people to a fake web site where they want confidential information.

It's important that when purchasing anti-virus software, make sure it provides protection against the dangers and contains regular updates. One of the many antivirus systems currently available is PC Security Shield 2008. This system, like many others, offers antivirus, spyware and adware protection, personal firewall, automatic daily updates, real-time selections and / or parental controls. You can purchase the software online or by phone and then download the anti-virus software to your personal computer.

However, the service is unique:

1. The service is available every month or year; you need to buy a full year with most services

. If a virus occurs, Security Shield will "patch" within 2-3 hours and complete the virus repair within 5 hours. According to PC Professionals Security Shield, F-Secure technology responds faster to viruses 3 to 4 times, and updates the antivirus latest "doubling" with other antivirus software. (PC Professionals, Issue Aug. 2006)

3. The software uses a Bayesian filter and a "black list" of sites that send unsolicited e-mails for phishing programs, and these emails are stored in separate folders for your security

. With PC Security Shield 2008 Parental Controls, parents can not only block websites that contain certain content, such as pornography, weapons, and drugs, but can also set certain days when the Internet can not be used. This is especially important for late nights or just after school when parents can not show up.

5th There is no additional or hidden burden on technical assistance services, as opposed to other companies whose anti-virus programs add additional amounts to the virus or spyware damage per minute or event

The system technical support includes an online product guide, instant messaging, email and phone support, and the Frequently Asked Questions website. However, telephone support does not have a free number. Chat Online Customer Service responds quickly, but product codes have to be made available. The call time of the telephone support service was just over 5 minutes, which is longer than what I would like to keep, but I kept it longer for utilities and cables. Make sure you check the system requirements on the website; but it does seem to be the standards of antivirus software that you might consider when purchasing.

The service cost is currently $ 39.99 / year after the $ 20.00 deduction. The refund will be made available to any user listed by PC Security Shield after a 90-day service period and after the support of existing anti-virus software is completed. You can also purchase a monthly service charge of $ 5.99 a month for a computer, or $ 9.99 a month for up to three computers.

My favorite feature of my service is not just the ability to control web content, but the ability to change is the day when my kids are allowed to be on the web on schedule. Another feature of personality is to protect e-mails from spy networks, phishing and the key logging types of emails with two different services, one with up-to-date research, and the other by logging "bad" pages.

To purchase this service simply sign up online to choose a monthly or yearly subscription, sign up for purchase, get a key code and download your anti-virus software system. Make settings intuitive; However, online chat is very helpful for management.

This can be an anti-virus software that is likely to be of interest to parents, especially with the supply of multiple computer coverage, technical support, and extensive extended parental controls. Protects your computer and personal information from theft, so it is worth considering.

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