Product Overview: Rice Paddies – Fragrant Hot Pads

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Rice Paddies is a unique gift for anyone who likes scanned items. Taterberry Cottages offers a variety of unique gifts including scented warming pillows.

Emailed as a primary mail with delivery confirmation, and packed very well in a nice package, it shows Taterberry Cottage's proud products and customer service. He was immediately impressed with the seriousness of their unique business. A thank you note was included on my package as well. Awesome customer service!

The unique "Rice Paddies", which could be tried for an aromatic hot cushion for kitchen use. A hot pad was attached to a note that described the description and care instructions. The description was as follows:

As described in this manual, containers for storing Rice Paddies, as well as the method of purification and the method of renewal are described below: the scent

Our hot pad was printed with "Orange Slice" and It is photographed with satsumas, which has an orange scent, has a fantastic scent and perfectly fits into the fabric. available in many different styles and different scents.

When you buy Rice Paddies from Taterberry Cottage, you can choose your style (what was rectangular, although others are available), textiles and fragrances. This is not a unique item, but it does make it even better, you can completely add an item that matches your personal preferences. You do not want to add yourself to the pre-manufactured Rice Paddies immediately available shopping as well "a la cart".

Other h and finished items are also available at Taterberry Cottage and can be viewed at

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