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We are reviewing the review of Sanyo HEC SA5000 massage body. Our goal is to provide a chair buyer with an objective review and evaluation of a massage chair. We use a 5-level system. Each category gives equal weight. Each category can search between 0 and 20 points. We summarize the points to get a full score. Category 5 covers: Warranty and customer service, comfort / ergonomics, ease of use, services and massage therapy. This system gives us a disciplined procedure for evaluating a massage piece. We hope that this will help you find a massage bed that suits your needs. The price of HEC-SA5000 massage chair is in the range of $ 3,000-4,000.

Warranty and Customer Service:
Let's start at corporate level and we appreciate the warranty and customer service for Sanyo. Guarantee coverage is a good measure for the manufacturer's confidence in the product. Sanyo has 1 year of work, 1 year parts and 1 year of home service. It covers the roller mechanism for 3 years. For a company like Sanyo, the warranty is a bit weaker than we would expect. Sanyo has begun providing home-based services, which is an important service update that meets other industry players. At least with home service, they will be provided for one year. Overall customer service is competent. There is a national hotline with 24-hour service. The switch-on time at the service is fine. Category rating in this category 15.

Comfort and ergonomics:
When thinking of a massage ball, you are thinking of comfort and relaxation. The chair's design ergonomics should be comfortable and comfortable for the users. The SA 5000 is beautiful in appearance with triangular armrests. The armchair is well padded and comfortable. The side view of the chair is a bit flat under the armchair section, which is some industrial point of view. The chair occupies a comfortable space. The upholstered backrest is cushioned and tactile. The headrest cushion can be set for different users. Footpath is an area that can not be set or extended. Higher users want to see how well they fit into the chair. This chair was originally designed for the Japanese market, so it is sized for the target stock. Category rating in this category is 15.

Easy to use:
You are always worried about how easy it is to massage your body. There is more and more opportunities and opportunities, but manufacturers are easy to use. Everyone wants the best technology to offer, but not at the expense of the steep learning curve. We like the remote control for the SA 5000. This is a clean and simple design. It contains four automatic programs with a touch of a button. If you like the massage and the area, then press the Program Memory button and the chair will remember. It's like having more automated programs at your disposal. The side panel controls the lower body air system with the lower body, calf, leg and thigh control. In our category, this category is 18.

The SA 5000 has outstanding features in rigidity sensors and GK rollers. The stiffness sensor is based on a lie detection technology. This sensor detects stress locations across the back. Stiffness sensation exhausts fatigue by monitoring sweat and heart rate changes. This information is fed to the computer and the software modifies the massage programs for the stiffness or tight muscle target area. GK cylinders are specially designed rollers that are capable of sticking or grinding massage. GK roller technology "reaches" and grabs. This is particularly effective on the neck and shoulder area. These rollers squeeze the shoulders and neck area to emulate the milling and kneading of a professional masseuse. Category rating in this category 18.

Massage Therapy:
The SA 5000 stores 4 automatic programs, 4 programs in memory, 4 manual massage techniques and 4 massages courses for targeted relief of stress areas. You can choose between Rolling Width 5 and 5 Massage Speed ​​settings. The 4 full-body automatic courses include rigidity, relaxation, restoration, and beauty. Sanyo is an exclusive multi-point shiatsu massage for the legs and feet. The air system covers the lower body, including legs, calves and thighs. There are 24 airbags in total. The air just the comfortable course includes a multipoint shiatsu massage delivered from the lower body to a comfortable lower body massage. There is also a ankle grip massage. Performing ankle grip massage by holding a set of built-in airbags around the foot. Rating of our category 18.

Overall, Sanyo SA-5000 is rated as 84/100. The SA 5000 has the same technology as the Sanyo high-end DR7700. The rear rollers have a stroke of 28 inches, compared to the DR 7700 31 inches, but the same technology is in the SA 5000. The factory warranty is OK, and you want to discover the extended warranty, Coverage. GK rollers are a nice feature of neck and shoulder coverage. The resting would be ergonomics for the US market if there is a built-in extension. If you are looking for a massage bed in this category, the SA 5000 is the one you are looking for.

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