Product Overview: Singer Futura CE-250 embroidery machine

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The Singer Futura CE-250 embroidery machine is the machine that leaves one because of its enormous ability to perform functions that other sewing machines can not achieve. The machine is very good when it employs a large number of embroidery designs, flawlessly and professionally. Even though the price is slightly higher than the price of other machines in the same category, you can be sure that the operation of the machine will prove that the price is worth it. Other accessories that can be purchased beside the device are software digitization, embroidery plans, and training DVDs.

Embroidery Software

After purchasing the Singer Futura CE-250 embroidery machine, you must have computer software that can be connected to your computer. The software allows you to perform many functions by clicking the mouse. Use it to lie down and change the different designs you want, and once you pass, send it to your computer via a cable. The software can convert images to embroidery. The software is compatible with many operating systems, so it can be used homely.


The Singer Futura CE-250 embroidery machine has 100 built-in stitches that allow you to try out different garments. Stitches can perform many functions that contain stitches and stitches that are private. It has six fully automated one-step buttons. The digital stitch screen on the machine allows you to find out the stitch for which the machine was set up.


The machine is equipped with two rims. The large size is 4.5 "x6.75", while the small size of a measure is 3.125 "x4.75".

LED Lamps

The Singer Futura CE-250 embroidery machine illuminates the material with three Stay-Bright LEDs as you work. This will make it easier for you to view your work

Other important features of the machine: two pin control, automatic pin threading, automatic tension and warning beeps

for the Singer Futura CE-250 embroidery machine next to. Accessories included in the purchase of the machine include needles, coils, zigzag and foot, buttonhole, foot, button sewing head and screwdriver. The machine assumes a 25-year guarantee from the manufacturer. This includes a five-year warranty on electronic components and a one-year guarantee for corrections.

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