Product Overview – Stingray Sgs – 2800kv Stun Gun

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Are you looking for a strong and effective self defense product? Webstar Productions, the DBA Stun Gun Supply, now offers the Stingray SGS-2800KV mini studio gun to the general public. This non-lethal crime prevention was 2,800,000, the industry's highest performance level. Like all these types of products, the current is very low, so it does not have a lasting effect on the individual. This gives the user enough time to get rid of it and it's designed.

Mini, micro and compact pistols are the hot trends of personal protection products. Easy to load, their mini size allows for secret operation. The Black Stingray 2800KV unit is only 4 1/4 inches high, 2 inches wide and has a depth of just 2 inches. So the device can easily fit into the handbag, the glove compartment, the shirt or the trouser pocket. It is equipped with a black nylon sleeve with a fixed belt loop.

The unit contains nickel-cadmium rechargeable power supply, so no batteries are required. Drop-down plugs are incorporated into the device so there is no separate charging cord that may be lost. Two-hour 5-hour charging ensures full recharging when needed.

Stingray contains a large and bright built-in LED between the electrodes. You can operate the flashlight by sliding the power switch to the first "on" position. By stunning, slide the switch to the next position, then press the switch directly to the button. Careful! If you do not use high performance stun guns, you are surprised by the loud crackle and strong spark emitted by this unit. We also recommend that you do not look directly into the bright spark.

The problem with small units is a smooth glossy plastic coating. Sometimes it is difficult to grasp, especially when stressed by manual sweating. The Stingray SGS-2800KV solves this problem with a patented rubber coating that provides a non-slip surface.

Stun guns affect the muscles by disrupting normal nerve pulses. When activated and applied directly to the skin or clothing of a man, muscles work quickly but not effectively. This fast work cycle reduces blood glucose by converting it to lactic acid in a few seconds. This loss of energy makes it difficult to move or operate. Secondly, disturbed nerve impulses cause loss of balance, confusion and disorientation. The low current of stun guns ensures that the effect is short-lived, without injury.

It has a beneficial effect on the Mini Stingray's 2.800,000 stun gun. Easy to handle and a somewhat serious feeling gives a positive impression. When we tested the unit in the air, we were surprised by the very strong choking spark. We could still feel the vibrations in hand. It makes no sense for us to underestimate ourselves with a low power tool. You do not know the size and strength of the assailant's attacker, so it's better if we have enough power to quickly prevent it from advancing. We do not see performance appraisal with the current technology, so the SGS-2800KV model will not soon be outdated.

In most states, narcotics citizens are allowed. HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, CT, WI, IL may not be from this writing. Also prohibited by Annapolis MD, Baltimore, MD, Washington DC and Philadelphia

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