Product Overview: The Bushnell 1600 Fusion ARC distance binoculars

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Bushnell is one of the leading optical fiber optic manufacturers including telescopes and a wide range of wide-ranging users. It is not surprising, therefore, that the combination of both would be offered in a relatively affordable package, which is in line with the cost of purchasing mid-range units.

This is an attractive idea that combines two basic equipment into one product. A similar idea is that of a range finder rifle scope. They both use hunting optical devices, why not? And he mostly fulfills his promise. However, this is not an obvious decision.

Fully usable in all situations

The Fusion 1600 is practically all hunters in mind with features that appeal to archers, rifle hunts, long-range hunters, and everyone. There is enough range for anyone who does not use 50 meters of separate bow and weapon modes in maths for square shoots or bullets, and for scanning and importance.

There are many hunting telescopes, and honestly many of them probably do not. Details like a dead deer can go off in your glasses, which you never see with your naked eye. And although almost all stand-alone meters include magnification, two eyes are better than one.

As we've described on the telescope's binoculars, of course, there are compromises, but if you've decided that comfort is worth it, Bushnell is a very good choice for the mid-range binoculars, a very versatile search engine, and pretty much the only choice in four numbers.

Features of the Fusion 1600:

* Nominal range between 10 and 1600 yards
* Bow Mode: Angle, Angle and Horizontal Distance 10-99 meters
* Vulcanizing Mode: viewing angles, angle and ball slides info of today's most popular calibers
* VSI (variable field of view) allows visibility to 100, 150, 200 or 300 meters visibility in armed mode
* Continuous scanning and prioritization methods for first return or remote
* 10x magnification with bright 42mm lens
* Multicoated optics and RainGuard (R) lens coating for maximum performance
* 1 CR2 lithium battery for longevity
* Exactly within 1 yards [19659002] Optics are not the bunches in the line, but they do not carry the top of the line's prices, at least if you want to drop the distance Eres. In that respect, the features included in it can compete in almost every market.
* Full function in almost all hunting or outdoor conditions
* Excludes the need to pass an independent rangefinder
* Variable field of view allows you to set the datum to wide distances
Very long range – and actually performances

* Some users notice little blue tones
* 31-oz, slightly heavy
* 10x magnification for some users many can be

. It is true that you waive some versatility when you go with any combination unit. But if the convenience is that one less thing to carry in the area appeals, then this can be a fine choice. You may not receive criticisms of the Leica Geovid telemetry binoculars, but it costs almost one third of the price.


Although there are some compromises when selecting combinations, there are benefits as well. The Bushnell Fusion 1600 rangefinder binoculars provide a solid, full-blown combination of appeal to all types of hunters and outdoor knights. Optics may not behave, but they will almost certainly not be disappointed.

The Fusion 1600 features a very good mid-range binoculars and a high-end search engine. If a combo meets your needs, it is difficult to beat this without costing nearly three times the price.

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