Product Overview – The DonJoy Boomerang Hinge for Tennis and Golf Damage

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Hinged injuries are usually caused by excessive use. As the more common "tennis elbow", these conditions are due to chronic repetitive movements, rapid wrist movements and / or bad technique.

Articular injuries usually involve inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis), nerve irritation (carpal tunnel syndrome) and, in severe cases, stress fractures and ligament tears.

Golf injuries primarily cause left-handed tire inflammation. Overuse and weaker swing technique also contribute to this condition. The tight grip of the club also causes pressure, such as De Quervain's disease.

Both sports, relaxation, ice, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and in some cases cortisone injections are needed to improve the condition.

If the injury is not serious and you continue to play, you use ice for a few days and use the DonJoy Boomerang as a brace to preserve the condition and prevent further injuries.

Boomerang Wristband is a unique design. This is a circular style that provides compression and support without being difficult and restrictive. Ideal for malleable hinges and straps for both golf and tennis. The bracket allows the athlete to grab the golf club and the tennis racket with his thumb and fingers. There is no metal or plastic insert that can hinder the natural movement of the wrist.

The closing surface fits into universal and left or right wrists. As a tie, the patient simply closes the supporting tensioner and the support around the wrist and the palm. The thumb loop keeps the closure in place and outpaces the slide.

Another great feature of the brace is that it comes from two different materials. Neoprene material provides excellent compression and warmth. The Drytex material is a lycra nylon material that is breathable and durable without sweat retention.

Which material you choose, the DonJoy Boomerang wrist strap is an excellent choice for those mild articular injuries that are great for golf and all-round sports.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor to determine the proper orthopedic condition.

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