Product Overview – The Streetwise SW1000 is a 1 million-hour firearm

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The Streetwise 1000K stun gun model is one of the strongest in the market. According to the manufacturer, 1000,000 volts can be charged. To maintain the device in a non-lethal state, the current is very low in design. This is a fairly high unit, with three 9 volt elements. (Less effective stun guns usually contain a battery.) 8 1/4 inch high, 2 1/4 inches wide and 1 1/8 inches thick. The unit casing is matte black plastic, just like any kind of stun gun. It has a magnetic switched on switch and swinging swivel switch. This switch must be kept to hold the pistol. After you lift your finger off the switch, the fire will stop. There is also a 130db alarm

Streetwise SW1000 has a loop pin that connects to the lower part of the unit. The loop is around the wrist. If an attacker seizes the gun from you, the wand will pull out of the unit and be completely disallowed. So the attacker can not use the pistol.

Perhaps the "weapon" is a false name, because this high rectangular tool is not like a weapon. Would the pistols be less controversial if they were not called a weapon at all? Maybe. It should be noted that stun guns like this do not burn anything in the air (except the spark between the two electrodes). This is not TASER. The device should be placed on the aggressor's skin or clothing to be effective. The effects are temporary and not deadly like a firearm.

Depending on the high voltage unit, this device wears two 3/17 inch diameter electrodes, which are slightly wider than smaller units. The voice of the activation is stronger, stronger visible spark. The intimidation factor is high. It is well known that some aggressors flee immediately when faced with threatening sounds and arcs of electrodes.

This unit contains 130 alarms that are unusual in the traditionally crafted pistol. The alarm button is located directly under the switch / fire switch, making it easier to access. We suggest that you first try alarming in an actual encounter, as this is enough to rid the enemy.

In summary, the Streetwise SW1000 stun gun is a stunning high-voltage unit. The case is strong and has a nylon sleeve with a belt loop. Installing three 9-volt batteries requires a little fancy to fit inside the device, but once they are left, they will remain. The manufacturer suggests using the nominal brand of alkaline batteries for reliable performance


Streetwise has upgraded the SW1000 to the rechargeable SWT5000R Toucdown model. Equipped with the same high profile but much higher performance and a built-in LED flashlight.

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