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Tom Gaskins has called Turkey for a long time. "Over the past 50 years, the Tom Gaskins invention has remained one of the most distinctive and effective callers in Turkey who produces hand-made, perfect chicken tones." (Cabelas)

My personal experience with this caller started over 40 years ago when I was hunting with my dad. That was the only call my dad used to be a very successful turkey hunter.

Call is a hollow tube caller and uses a wooden attacker to make sounds. The call is easy to use. Rub the handset in front of the caller's lips and the attacker before you start and re-calculate every 6 or 7 calls. Having had some experience with using the call, you can tell when to recalculate. Always use soft chalk.

Keep the caller loose between the thumbs and fingers of your left hand with the end of the cork on top. This grip gives a shaky remark to the call, which is needed for spring gobblers. Remove the right-wing attacker and move the caller's door from the left side of the crash. It's the tweak. Use short fast rhythms to create clucks. With a bit of practice, you can have some really nice conversation with Tom Gaskins with Turkey's call . It's not loud but very effective especially for spring gobblers. I've determined that gobblers will respond to this call when they ignore other calls.

If the chalk and the attacker are stored during a call, they will cause a lot of ringing tones, so you need to cut a small piece of clothing to put the call to eliminate noise. This works great.

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