Product Overview – Trac Outdoor Towing Winches

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Trac Outdoor Boats are among the best yachts on the market. It is designed to fit existing trailer racks where the hand winch was set by the trailer manufacturer.

Trac Outdoor Craft Electric Winch: With 2000 # capacity this small and affordable boat winch can handle 18 foot and smaller ships. This device is equipped with a wired remote control and operates on a 12V power source. As with any Trac winch, it is designed to fit the trailer's existing fittings and is included with all accessories

Trac Outdoor Day Runner Electric Winch: 2500 # Load Capacity and 20 & # 39; length. This device has a wireless remote control and has all mounting devices and separate actuator fuses. The solid steel structure provides enamelling and a 12V power supply to never pull the boat manually.

Trac Outdoor Lite-Cruiser electric winch: 3500 # capacity and capable of handling nearly 10,000 pounds of rolling weight. This device is specifically designed for larger ships. With most of the same features as the daily runner, this model is a great choice if you plan to upgrade in the near future. Like the other models, this unit is powered by a 12 V power supply and is attached to the trailer's existing stand.

With Trac, you never have to manually replace your ship, reliability is the standard. These affordable options are just a few of the finest winches offered by Trac. Buy around and compare, you will find that this is a great investment for outdoor boating activities.

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