Product Overview: Tria Laser

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Tria Laser is a device approved by the US FDA for laser hair removal at home. Parts of the body where the device can be used are legs, feet, bikini line, hand, armpits, chest and back.

This laser works with light rays produced by the light source. The laser fires the beams into unwanted hair bulbs to turn them off. Five settings can be set with the laser.

The laser is designed for people whose skin is light. This includes white skin, beige skin, ivory skin and light brown skin. Before it is activated, the Tria Laser will first perform a test to determine whether the patient's skin tone is sufficient to shoot with the Tria Laser.

For this purpose, the Tria Laser uses a specially designed sensor. If after the test the skin under test does not pass the green light of the Tria laser device, the device will be closed and becomes impossible. This prevents the Tria Laser from being used on dark skin as it may cause blisters, scarring, and burns on such skin.

It is possible for the patient to feel pain in the use of the laser but depends on the patient's skin type and the laser device. The higher the setting, the higher the laser temperature. More heat is more pain if it is not a discomfort.

This laser is the most recommended for dark-haired people. The reason is because dark hair has a dark pigment and the Tria laser targets these dark pigments to work it most effectively.

However, being very effective during use, more treatment may be needed due to the different stages of hair growth. Here is the growing section, the rest period and the flooding stage.

When this laser device was first introduced to the public at the beginning of 2008 and a $ 995 price was introduced by the manufacturer. But then in February 2009, the manufacturer released a new model Tria laser device for replacing the original device. It claimed that the price fell by 20% to $ 795, despite the fact that the new model was twice as fast as the original – twice the bigger bounty for your money. And since November 2009, the price has fallen again lower for $ 595. Because of its price and ease of use, this laser hair removal tool is ideal for home use.

Tria laser manufacturing company claims that the device is capable of delivering more than 90,000 laser beams. This means that there will be approximately 300 charges, each delivering 300 pulses. These many impulses are considered by the manufacturer as sufficient for the entire body to be treated, even for women.

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