Product Review – Active ankle T2 for volleyball

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What makes an active ankle in T2 so popular volleyball?

Active ankle T2 provides 54% more stability than competitive products. The solid shell moves weight-carrying forces around the injury area to the lower leg to help reduce pain.

The study by Drexel University showed that the closing structure was approx. 8% lowered the weight borne by the heel bone 12 times unloading in 150 people. The bilateral straps allow for unlimited flexibility of the ankle and return to action faster.

The T2 is a durable, fast-mounted single-strap system that can be adjusted to both high and low legs. Combined with feather light E.V.A. which embraces all the contours of the ankle, T2 offers a shimmerer, less bulky stiffener while still delivering maximum performance and protection.

The patented form reduces pain and increases stability by controlling the medial / lateral movement of calcaneus (heel bone). Blister pads provide intermittent compression to remove edema during the intervention. The compact U-shaped brace fixes the ankle in the hard shell. The full elasticity of the back ensures complete and unlimited blood flow to the Achilles tendon and virtually eliminates blistering. A short, curved, seamless arc virtually eliminates the lower leg.

Robert Gray M.S. ATC, coordinator of athletics training at the Cleveland Clinic's Sports Health Department, supports T2 because many schools and athletics programs have limited budgets and resources for expensive dentures. The T2 is easy to insert, stiff in the construction industry and provides support and durability to complete the entire season.

T2 includes many footwear accessories, so volleyball is not the only sport that is most appropriate. Basketball, Tennis, Racquetball and other sports were a huge success thanks to this versatile winner's versatility and durability.

If you are a coach or coach, you are looking for players that every player can wear and do not look for. If you are an athlete, talk to your doctor or physiotherapist about Active Ankle T2.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor to determine the proper orthopedic condition.

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