Product Review – AirCast ankle tread kit

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Most people know the general treatment of ankle injury. When the injury occurs, pain, swelling, redness and difficulty occur. The usual way is to release the ankle, rest the ankle (decrease swelling and inflammation), raise the limb (pain relief and swelling), and break the ankle (compression).

The lack of these treatments will prolong the disability of the patients and cause further pain and damage in soft tissue structures around the ankle joint.

The AirCast ankle wrap kit deals with areas of treatment with light or moderate torque. This is one of the only complete systems for the functional management of acute ankle joints.

Kit Includes Classical Air-Stirrup Boka Ball has been used for many years by doctors and hospitals as anatomically designed semi-rigid ankle sterrup for support and graduated compression while walking. The patented ventilation system supports compression and effective regulation of edema, helping to accelerate and rehabilitate the injured ankle.

The kit contains a cool package for immediate use to treat pain, swelling and inflammation. The cold pack is kept in place and the compression is immediately added after the damage.

Provides a DVD and a booklet that provides guidance on treatments and rehabilitation. The exercise bar is an added feature that helps restore ankle weight and elasticity after the acute phase of the injury has ceased. The DVD outlines the exercises that are used to increase the ankle's movement.

The ankle training kit is essential for hospitals, doctors' offices, therapeutic clinics, schools and sports teams.

The kit is based on the size of the required Air-Stirrup and the size of the left or right ankle.

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