Product Review: Angel Lace Cookie flavored coffee

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When the package first arrived, I first noticed a comfortable label on the bag in the Kat & # 39; s Coffee Rep Lori Kennedy information. In case I need a quick rearrangement then the information is there for me.

When I opened the bag, I could smell the "cookie" immediately in it. Of course, the fresh coffee beans had a wonderful scent, but the scent of fried biscuits was as strong (if not stronger). I just sent it to cook.

The same scent could smell the whole house as he cooked coffee. Now I'm the one who can not handle the least black coffee and I need the usual milk and sugar. (I tried to sip it with milk and sugar, but it was still "black" with me). The delicious "cookie" flavor was not enough, and then I realized it was a perfect gift for coffee lovers on a diet.

For a strong cup of coffee I recommend the entire bag as we do. If you are a person who does not like it, then you will only have one half of a bag.

Coffee is an endless line of flavored coffee and other fine blends. All of these items can be viewed on Lori's website:

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