Product Review – Bauerfeind Genutrain knee protector for the knees of arthritis

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The Bauerfeind Genutrain knee Brace is made of anatomically contoured knitwear that is air-permeable and has spiral remains on the side of the closure. This is a slip on the brace with a special knitting technique that provides support extremely comfortable to wear. Closure is manufactured only in Germany

High-quality flexible knit material is the hallmark of the protective element, and this is due to the fact that there are many patients who suffer from arthritis, tendonitis and knee densities. not the typical shopper's brand of flexible knee pads.

A circular viscoelastic donut surrounds the knee guard and helps to correct the position of the patella to prevent tracing and patella instability. This insert re-adjusts the pressure from the knee protector to the surrounding soft tissue.

In the bending and extension of the knee, the visco-donut moves with the knee pad, thereby massaging the surrounding tissues, helping to control swelling and inflammation.

This massage effect is ideal for older, arthritic and knee-sick patients and for people who do not tolerate more aggressive arthritic articular pants

Another unique feature of Bauerfeind is that all knee pads are covered by the toe and calf areas forces it to reduce compression around its edges. This gradually reduces the pressure on both ends of the bracket and prevents constriction in the lower legs. This function is ideal for patients with reduced circulation.

Closure element provides low profile and extraordinary uniform compression. Genutrain is very popular for golf and tennis as it does not interfere with mobility, flexibility, and side movement as some bracing braces.

Genutrain is available in black, titanium and nature colors. 7 in different sizes and universal for the left or right foot. The closing structure is a bit small for the US dollar and the euro, but once you enter it, this difference disappears.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor to determine the proper orthopedic condition.

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