Product Review: Circle Hooks For You?

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originally the circle hooks have been a controversy between the anglers and the fishermen fishing on the ponds in recent years. If I use circular sleeves in the river, I was not in trouble in the good flow. Despite the fact that they performed well in the current, frozen, calm waters, such as the large blue cats' large reservoirs, the hook structure caused problems in loose water. I started connecting problems when I was fishing areas where there is no current, because the bait was not straight on the hook. Whole circles often doubled in knots or live bait, which left many fish missing. What would I do if I were anchored fishermen in a lake where the lines tend to be chained? I've come back to my old stand, high and J-style hooks for a while.

Circle hooks are designed to engage fish without engaging anglers in a lot of rod movement. Just leave it in the rod holder, and as the line becomes tight and the rod bends, the pressure hits the hook in the mouth of the fish and the fight continues. I felt that this was not clay in the current areas, but I tried to figure out that these special hooks did not work in the ponds. I tried to imagine a fish floating from the bait in a pond against a river. Without the river, the fish could swim in any direction of the bait. The fish can swim on their boat or swim with their boats, thus connecting a very tight line with a wheel axle. A year ago, I learned from some other catamarans that Daiichi came out with a modified screw that would work in every situation. If the fish did not swim out of the boat, the fisherman still set up the fish. Last year I got the new Circle Hook Lite.

After I started using the hook, I quickly realized that there was no quick, pitiful ticket that would allow the blue to be manually connected to the circles. As soon as we started to sweep the rod, we started pooling fish that were not very cooperative. The fish went to the boat, away from the boat, next to the ship – in every direction you could imagine, and we were just as good when we learned the good circling technique.

Anatomy of the Ring Ring Gear

Once he noticed that a fish took the bait and did not move from the bait and did not move from the boat and pull the line, pick up the rod. Then turn as many lines as possible until you reach the constant pressure of the fish at the end of the line. Once the tip of the hook begins to penetrate, the hook and the fish will do the rest. It's so simple. If the fish does not provide much flexibility, you can use the long, sweeping movement of the rod to bury the hook.

Other Benefits

Another circumspect option with which CircleChunk Light has a baulk on the stump to help with the long-lasting problem of double hooking the bait. There is no perfect hook, we all have to accept the fact that sometimes the widest twisting of the strike will never result in interconnection and some small sweaters result in a huge deep hook stock but after these hooks for a year I & # 39; I'm convinced they work better than my old booth.

First it was hard to sell, I have to admit, but I'm glad I tried the circuit. I used them both in the current and in the loose or dead water. These hooks do the same where you fish. I feel good using the hooks at such a constant performance and a high quality and super sharp hook from the package. After years of testing all kinds of hooks from the big triple hooks to the kahyle hooks, I think the Daiichi's developed tailgate is a fantastic opportunity for any angler.

Proper fishing is work, and the harder it is to work on the perfect hook, the happier the reward at the end of the line.

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