Product Review – DonJoy BOA lumbar-sacral back support

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The new DonJoy Boa Lumbar-Sacra Back Support is not the typical back bracket.

The patented Lacer Design compression system is an integrated feature of BOA Back Brace. The system uses a multiple tear gas duct design with a high voltage wiring harness and a simple pull strap to effectively tighten the orthosis with minimal effort, force, grip, and exercise.

DonJoy BOA Lumbar-Sacral Back Support features and benefits are as follows:

* Rigid, heat-curing, cydex-shaped front panel and lining for increased abdominal compression.
* Reduce burden on intervertebral disks.
* Easy to use compression technology.
* Closure of simple horizons.
* The handle allows quick closing, which can be adjusted to the patient's needs.
* Soft, breathable inner spacer fabric.
* External mesh allows heat to escape without endangering stability.
* Light and low profile.
* Multifunctional for postoperative and maintenance purposes.
* Lordic Foam deposits are available in various ways to treat lordosis.
* Available in Low Profile 8 "or Regular 10".
* Rigid rear compression panels.

"The BOA back brace solution is an important part of our backbone strategy," said Les Cross, chairman and CEO of dj Orthopedics. "Products and procedures focusing on back problems, spine problems and pain facilitated one of the largest and fastest growing orthopedic markets of the spine segments, a complete solution for the rehabilitation of spine surgery and other disadvantages.

With the launch of the new BOA back brace, DJ Orthopedics both provide rigid back support after surgical intervention, as well as line soft compression trousers for daily maintenance and analgesia. "

It is always advisable to contact your doctor to determine the correct orthopedic condition.

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