Product Review: Dorcy 41-4750 Flashlight

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The Dorcy 41-4750 is a plastic flashlight that provides a light light in a lightweight package. Dorcy has many great flashes, but the 41-4750 is one of the most popular products produced by the company. For roughly $ 24, Dorcy offers 41-4750 key features in the durable flashlight and many more.

Also known as "Cyber ​​Light," the Dorcy 41-4750 uses the latest lighting technology with a True Spot Reflector that achieves maximum luminance of 275 meters. In addition, the LED's brightness is guaranteed by four dual battery, and approx. It provides 5 hours of operating time (bulbs and batteries are also manufactured by Dorcy). In addition, the torch LED bulb produces 190 lumens, which are protected by a strong cover, so if it falls, the chance of survival will be greater.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a flashlight are light bulb power, grip, elasticity and value. When in a certain direction, the 41-4750 provides the light through the True Spot Reflector technology to ensure that the light reflects the brighter on the spot you want to see. Secondly, the handle 41-4750 has a handle and handle above its base, which gives a special sense of security, especially in wet conditions. For added security, this flashlight also connects to a restroom that secures your wrist. As for durability, the 41-4750 has been tested to withstand a drop of 8 feet, so if you plan the torch during hiking or mountaineering and are concerned about breaking, then this product should be considered. Finally, the newly purchased 41-4750 four Dorcy dual battery packs provide extra value for the investment of the flashlight.

Measurements 41-4750 are 7.8 l, 1.5 inches, face diameter 2.25 inches, weight with 6.8 ounces (without 3.4 ounces), and power switch on top of unit as an upper button for quick access.

Consequently, some consumers like smaller flashlights or feel that bulkier products result in stronger light beams. In reality, the size of the flashlight does not make the difference. Instead, quality and technology make it, and these features are incorporated into the Dorcy 41-4750.

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