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It is important to know about body and weight in fast food, TV dinners, macaronias and cheeses in today's world. In America, obesity and bad health have never been higher than in today's society. Many headlines claimed that "obesity rises"; this is true. Some sources estimate that obesity affects 30% of American adults. This number is totally outrageous. More importantly, obesity is a major factor in many serious diseases and conditions. It is important to guide your own destiny and to know your own health.

The body mass index system was created by Quetelet, a Belgian, around the 1840s. It was a prevailing system that could easily compare the height and weight of individuals' social and political boundaries. BMI is calculated based on the weight and height of the individual. The acceptable value is between 18.5 and 25. After BMI has reached the range of 25-30, it is considered "overweight". BMI older than 30 years is considered obese. With this knowledge we know that 30% of Americans represent more than 30 BMIs. This poses a serious threat to our society as a whole and obese individuals. Therefore, Escali Digital Scales has just released a new digital scale that provides this important information to you: the BMI150R. Once you have given your height, this balance shows you not only your weight but your BMI. This is also a tracking scale; which means that you will keep track of your change and progress as you walk into your meals. You can track up to 10 individuals on a scale so that your whole family can see their progress and see if they're moving or falling out.

The BMI150R also has a remote monitor that displays your data. It can be separated from the balance and can be placed wherever it is most suitable for you. I found it useful because somewhere near the eye height I did not have to bend to look at my body weight or BMI or smaller numbers. This is a very useful feature for people with visual impairments. The remote operates through the infrared spectrum so it can be safely used.

This digital scale also has a very useful hold function that allows you to start the scale and still display its weight. The product is also ready for use. Simply remove it and get ready.

As far as aspect ratio is concerned, it is extremely well-structured. Not only will this be the last (and has a 5 year warranty), but it also ignites the bathroom. Comes to a very nice tempered white glass composite. So it goes in all sorts of bathroom arrangements and can easily be hidden from the view or leaves the bathroom and sets its bathroom. Extremely easy to clean because it is simply a flat surface (without grooves or bumps) and will continue to be brilliant white throughout your life.

Overall, I recommend BMI150R as a good solution that allows you to know your weight and your health, your body mass index better.

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