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The question is, what is the company that has made Boxing equipment for mixed martial arts equipment for more than 100 years? The answer is a lot of fate! I admit that when I originally heard Everlast enter the MMA, like the others, I approached a strange forehead. Nevertheless, I was willing to try the products because I had good experience with Everlast boxing equipment such as the currently used Nevatear® training jackets. I'm glad I did because these MMA gloves are the best I use and they say a lot because MMA gloves are from other industry leading suppliers. For about 2 weeks I developed gloves with these gloves, using them for pad work, sparring and bagging sessions. Here is what I like about these gloves and what you will probably do.

There were more things I immediately noticed when I tried the gloves. This was before I ignored the product manual. First, gloves are outlined, similar to wearing a boxing gloves, putting their hands in the natural fist. Everlast calls this C3 Foam technology. C3 is the Contoured Closed Cell and provides maximum protection during the collision.

The next thing I noticed about these gloves: a wrist strap system that actually has 3 Velcro fasteners to ensure that the wrist protector is secure and tight on your wrist. The wrist strap is also very thick and made of leather, providing extra protection and ensuring that your wrist is held straight when crashing. There is also a foam between the wrist strap and the main impact surface, which only provides additional protection.

The last thing I immediately noticed was that the gloves have a little foam around the thumb that provides extra protection around the thumb in case you block a part of your hand, ridgehand strikes or wrestling. The fact that the whole glove is made of premium quality leather makes it possible to keep the product long lasting and long-lasting.

A property that I did not notice immediately but was impressed when I read the manual that the glove has the EverDRI lining that provides moisture and antimicrobial protection. I really liked this feature because after my last meeting with MRSA, I was very clear about the purity. This function helps to protect the skin from harmful bacteria and other germicides and viruses. Additionally, the fact that the open palm surface keeps the cleaner clean as it allows the product to ripple with any type of disinfectant and make sure it reaches all the creeps of the glove.

I used gloves during several light sparring sessions in a recent MMA class and I was both satisfied with both my partner and gloves. My partner reported that the striking strikes of gloves did not feel too hard during the collision. Last week, I used 2 Muay Thai gloves and several sessions. A 7 oz. the gloves are light enough to get a quick impact on me. They are a nice balance of comfort and protection while the hand speed is not sacrificed.

At the beginning of the week, I made some bag bags with the glove, where I made the most boxes. I assembled the rounds, 3 rounds of each strike, 1 round of back hand and spine hand strikes, and 1 round of all hooks and jumps. The gloves were great for bag work, although I found some blistering on the wrist until the end of the session. In fact, there are two reasons for this. The first is that these gloves are L / XL size. Usually, I use S / M in my gloves, but as I think of these gloves to use sparring and potentially MMA fighting, I have decided that if I get them bigger, I give them extra space for my hand to be wrapped. This leads to the second factor while getting a bladder, which means I did not tie my hand! I know that if I covered my hand with your heavy bag, there would have been no blistering. I think a pair of Everlast Quick Wraps gives you the best hand protection when using MMA leather gloves during a workout.

Now I want to make sure that I gave you the best and most honest review on the product, so I passed these gloves with a very fine tooth comb and evaluated the potential benefits and any possible mistakes with these gloves. After the first test, it was my only concern that the seam keeps the leather strap on the glove, letting it over time because it seemed to me that there was only one stitch on the top of the glove on which it was held. However, after looking a little closer, I found that Everlast used double fingerprints inside each fingernail to lock them into the glove. In addition, at the top of each glove an extra double stitch has been added that is separate from the first seam layer. If you look at these gloves, you will notice that the primary seam is black while the extra stitch is yellow.

Everlast has firmly conducted the research and has produced a high quality product for a serious mixed combat artist. I definitely recommend these gloves to anyone who is constantly practicing a treading art or just in the MMA.

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