Product Review – Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 minutes

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The Flip Ultra HD camcorder was marketed as a pocket-sized HD video camera with an easy-to-use interface. This article looks at some of the features of HD Camcorder.


The flip ultra camcorder is small, sleek and stylish and easy to fit into your pocket. Comes with rubberized plastics to maintain stable adhesion, a bright LCD screen and locks of controls, so it does not accidentally turn on.


Ultra HD is pre-installed with Flip Share software. You install yourself when you connect the camera to your computer with a USB connector and unnecessarily trouble installing the software manually. The camera is extremely easy to handle and even a small child will have no difficulty in this regard.

Battery life:

Flip UltraHD rechargeable battery that can be recharged by connecting to the computer. The manufacturer says the battery can reach up to 120 minutes. But in reality it is about 70 to 80 minutes. But one very good thing this ultra HD is to have 2 AA batteries in case the battery charge is very low. This model also has the option of automatic lowering, which helps to save the battery. Sometimes when the camera warms up, refuses to charge it because it is too hot. You have to pull the connector and have to cool it and start it. Do not leave it on because it will never continue charging.

Video quality:

Video quality is excellent. Ultra HD incorporates signature quality with the latest HD technology. Up to 120 minutes of HD video can be recorded in the 8 GB memory. but even in low light conditions, the video still looks good in HD. The supplied HDMI output lets you enjoy your videos on HDTV. Using Zoom sometimes affects the quality of the video. As ultra HD comes with only 2x zoom, it's not a good idea to turn the gigs, but it's great for watching nearby moments.


The flip video comes with excellent software, which is better than any software that has ever come with Sony. You can use this software to edit or send e-mail. create snapshots, sort video clips into created folders, or use auto-tagged folders. You can also add movies to your own music. It also has improved freezing capabilities that can be useful for taking a snapshot of the video from thirty frames per second. The software reads the video from the camera (or hard drive) and then compresses it with a few clicks to upload.


Ultra HD is not compatible with some old computers. The minimum requirements for running the software are Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz and at least 512 MB of RAM. Before buying a camcorder, it's better to check your computer.

The Flip Ultra HD camcorder is a portable, easy-to-carry camcorder, with high-quality shooting. This is a wonderful video camera for a whole family.

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