Product Review – Freedom Leg Off-Loading Brace

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The loading of free leg leg exceeds the limits of the paws, the wheelchair, or the knee rails.

How many people are injured and the affected limb does not have weight, but can not withstand crutches or can not afford to use wheelchairs? What is an alternative to maintaining freedom of movement, maintaining the right healing time and doing it without daily activities.

Freedom Leg is a unique tool produced by Forward Mobility of Edmonds, WA. The principle of the tool is to provide the zeroing weight of the affected leg from the knee downwards. This reached this advanced carbon fiber frame around the foot, spreading from height to floor, thus removing weight from knee to leg.

When set, the patient's leg is floating over the floor and the knee is undone. Its unique shape provides close to normal walking and the foot has a reduced atrophy, which is usually observed with a crutch, roller or wheelchairs for a longer period of immobilization.

The free base is ideal for diabetic patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy and diabetic ulcers of the foot, which require full weight loss. The device may also be used in patients with lower leg and leg amputations.

When the patient initiates the device, it is recommended to use a sugar cane. After the patient gains confidence with the device, he moves up and down, steeply sloping and uneven surfaces.

Imagine lifting your grocery bag and buying everything, without help. This is Freedom Freedom Freedom.

We recommend that you consult your physician or therapist to determine if it can be excluded from the device. Free legs do not appear in patients with equilibrium problems.

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