Product Review – Havahart 1030 Live Animal Trap

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I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains … This in itself tells me why I need a live trap. Live alive in the mountains to learn to share nature with wild beasts. Nothing is better than sitting on the back porch, watching the deer grazing in the field, and squirrels the wooden chips on the tree in winter to cover their nuts. But there are some terrible creatures that only want to go with you.

Most of my family lives alongside some neighbors and friends. One day my neighbor (Betsy) calls my brother (Mason) for help. Mason rushes into his house, parks at the exit and just sits there, does not believe what he sees. Betsy has 2 Chow dogs around him trying to catch the bunk in the yard. Well, we all know that skulls can only protect themselves in one way. From now on, the whole neighborhood will feel all the processes. Mason gets out of the truck and clutches the whole thing and tries to trap the rifle. Meanwhile, Betsy tries to get his dogs to stop the rifle. Everyone runs, and the poor sheer death is scared. Mason decides to pull the barrel, pick up the water pipe and drive the box to the barrel. Finally they get the coffin. After all, the trouble is that my brother wants to drown the coffin as long as he's in the barrel. Betsy is the lover of the animal who says "No Way". He makes him take her to the woods under my house and release it. I laughed very much, I thought my pants were peeing. If you could only see his face … the words can not describe it.

The end of the story, I do not think so. A few days later I woke up in the middle of the night. I recognized the smell; that skunk decided to join us. Somehow this bouncer found the way to go under our house and decided to come out at the end where the bedroom was located. Keep in mind that our home only occupies a small space. The smell was so bad that I thought the bouncer came into the house and was lying next to our bed. On the other side of the house we moved to the rest of the night bedroom. The next day my husband (Jim) decides to open the door that goes under the house and removes all the ventilators, hoping the boxer decides to go alone. Do you think we can be so lucky? In any case, rust does not like it. Jim decides that the problem would not be a good idea to crawl under the house and try to persuade the car to get out. Now my dad heard about our situation and came to save.

Dad drives the car driver and comes out with a Havahart 1030 Live Animal Trap . He tells us all about how he used this trap to catch rabbits, flocks, squirrels, and other similar animals. It was just the right size to catch our friend Mr. Skunk. Despite the fact that this knot caused me a lot of confusion, I could not let anything go wrong in any way. I heard about Havahart traps, and how easy it was to use it and how it was made to protect animals so they would not be injured and re-engaged. We decided to try.

We put some hazelnuts on a piece of bread and put it in the trap. My husband put the trap in the trap for as long as he was ready to get in and set sensitive triggers. The trap was made with two spring-loaded doors that made it possible for the slider to get in both directions. Mr. Skunk was there for a while without a meal, so he would not have been long for the peanut butter.

Mr. With our Skunk friend safely within the trap it's time to move him. Cover the trap with a blanket and fix it on the back of our pickup truck for a nice long trip to the country. After we found a secluded place without their home, we put the land in the woods and opened the doors to free them. He was terrified and refused to get out of the trap for the first time, but we were passionately waiting for him to calm down and come out to explore his new home. Something finally attracted her attention, and she only knew exactly where she was going. I was amazed at how easy it was to capture and safely deliver the visitor to his new location.

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