Product Review: Natural Makeup Foundation

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Brokman Jennetta, owner of Painted Laydies, quickly handed me my foundation. For large details and spot light images I could pick out my exact color on the page. Normally, I wear CoverGirl Classic Ivory and Light # 2 was the perfect match.

There were two product information. One pamphlet is a sketch of good product properties and bad chemistry based makeup. Very Informative! The second brochure explained how to use Painted Ladies products, including foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick and blushe. He also explained that many of his products are being used.

After opening the foundation thoroughly, the first thing I noticed was how small the tank was. I knew immediately how good this was and how far they went to ask for a buyer, I did not feel "cheated" at all, which is very rare for most products on the market!

The brochure instructions were very clear and the base was very easy to add. It was "loose" powder, not compressed, so it is very easy to use. I did not have to break something or use more layers. I quickly realized that it was a long way to go and you did not have to try to pick something up with the brush.

You must have been fascinated. Not only is it better for my skin, it's natural, but better if it's worn! You do not have to use it anymore. I use it on liquid basis and dust, but not with my "new" base. It works both ways without looking "caked on". Very nice! I will never use it again and release my "old" makeup.

Painted Laydies does not try to hide the natural ingredients – all uses are clearly visible on the home page. Beside priming you can find blush, eyeliner, lip care and more. Visit the following page:

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