Product Review: Personalized Storybook CD

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While personalized books provide a fantastic unique gift for every child, Storybook CDs help them further enhance their children's story with animation and playing time. Each CD has a personalized story with your child and friends.

Among the pages read, the child can click on the pictures on the pages to find out what sound or other animation is. This helps you to be more interested in the story and to read more. You can easily read the story several times, and you still find new items that you click on to have missed.

When you finish the story, there are games as well. This bonus gives a lot of value to the CD, for hours or so to entertain the child with or without it. Another important part of the CD is the three reading levels, so if a child does not read or read for several years, these CDs have only one level.

Each Storybook CD contains a sample text page and pattern animation page to try the CD a bit before you can select which one to buy. After you have decided on the CD, the first step in the order process fills in a very detailed way to personalize the book.

– Children's Name

– Two Friendships

– Childhood

– Dedication (for example: "From Mom")

There are a number of different CD articles available for boys and girls. The CD, "Too many monsters" that I was scared for the first time, was a bit scary at my age of five. I quickly discovered that she did not (though she jumped in some of the animation a few times) and found it laughing all the time.

Customized historical CDs of personalized books can be found at .

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