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Homemade sauce without knots? White sauce without fat? That's the kind of question that thought my mind when I came to Robin Hood's Best Blend Flute. The company calls this "granular flour, which becomes lighter to wet or dry ingredients" and "ideal for artificial and seasoning". Does it sound good, but does it fulfill its description? All in all.

First I tried RHBFBF (this is the fastest way to mention it!) For thickening sauce. Two tablespoons easily dissolved into a cup of combined turkey drips and water, and as I heated and stirred, this was not too thick, not too thin. (Next time, instead of the water, I would rather use the meat soup, just sweeter.)

To make white sauce, I poured two tablespoons of RHBFBF into a cup of cold milk and warmed up. As before, the flour immediately disappeared into the liquid, but the mixture was time-consuming and thicker. And I had to mix. Still, it was a milder, less complicated procedure than melting fats and adding milk to milk. And once I added the usual flavorings, no one left the fat in the sauce. According to the packaging, RHBFBF provides "light and crisp coating for meat, chicken, fish and vegetables" so I gave it a shot. A couple of tablespoons were mixed with a Bovril package (vegetable flavor) and I put two chicken legs in it. Then I baked them (the skin side down in a pan containing a little hot fat, the top side with the pan 350 degrees to 45 minutes). Although this will not replace the Shake & # 39; n & # 39; Bake is a smooth, golden brown shell. He also worked on baked zucchini slices – the flour did not heat up in the hot oil, but stuck to the zucchini and blush. RHBFBF can replace the same amount of flour for any purpose, but it is too expensive for about $ 4 pounds for regular baking. They use the sauces and cook the dishes in a gentle way, but this is a good value and a useful product.

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