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My first impression of this product was quite low. I was previously a distributor of a greeting card company, so I was a bit critical.

However, Tricia was so kind and excited about her product, both in the email she sent me and on the phone. check your product on a blank page. Send me a sample card with a 1-year membership card to Send Out Cards

After a quick, 15-minute "training session" on which Tricia said how to send the cards, add people to my address book and add added more stamps and cards to the membership card, I was ready to send my first card.

My son's birthday, so he was my first choice. I was browsing on a number of cards and picking up what I thought was going to laugh.

On the left side of the card I also gave him personal greetings. With the Send Cards feature, you can add an image to the left of the card, so if you have a new picture of the grandchildren or a special event, you can easily attach it.

Tricia first talked about the first step card. I added my son's information, picked up the card, wrote the message and literally "clicking the mouse" took the card to my son. I printed it, stamps it and posted it, and did not have to leave my home.

I have to say that I really like this product. My son was thrilled to receive Mail, especially the mail of the dear old lady.

Now that the Christmas season is coming, I know exactly how to "send cards". Just add my list to the address book, pick up my Christmas card and click on them to send them and I do not even have to fight the festive crowd.

Another factor is the postcard campaign. Just create your campaign with the recipient's address and remind your customers every quarter or month to evaluate them.

I'm giving you a great 5-star product! It's easy to use, saves time, includes an easy-to-use address book, avoids postal lines, avoids writer spasms, and can even be programmed to avoid leaving a single birthday or anniversary.

Great time-saving product for harry moms.

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