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I've had a few months in the machine, embroidered more patterns than simple words for more than 60,000 stitches, some frustration, but overall I like this machine. My first embroidery machine was Singer Futura CE250, so I started Singer Futura XL400. I have the advantage and the disadvantage I deal with well. I will also give some useful tips, tips and tricks to operate the machine.


The Swift Smart Threading System is gentle to the thread. Instead of going up and down through the threading system, it simply goes down.

I like the Drop and Sew Bobbin function. Instead of pinching the spool with the needle, simply move it to the place and cut it off for you. Do not need to pull up the needle

I like the bushing rather than the screws like the CE250.

Tip: If the machine shows that the ring is not the right size for the design when it is small enough to fit in the wheel, you can be sure that it is completely retained. If design has not started yet, turn off the machine, remove the frame, turn on the power cord, and then place the frame. You have to fix this.

I like multi-faceted ability, but I want it to be easier to stand up. This and the bigger link was the reason why I sold the CE250 and bought it. The big circle is approx. 6.5-10.5 inches. It has multiple retention capability that I have not tried yet, but there are four big circles in a square. The Features page is 18.5 x 11 inches. The small loop embroidering area is about 4 x 4 inches. As to the number of stitch designs, the largest embroidery design on this machine was over 60,000 stitches, without any problems.

Tip: Use the print function to customize the design where you want it. If you want some embroidery that needs to be in the middle, but on a small piece of fabric, you can use a large piece of fabric, embroider, and cut the fabric to the desired size. Or spray the small piece of tissue on the stabilizer with glue. If you are using embroidery for a quilt (peeling), use ink removal to measure where the ring is.

Automatic needle drill is a good idea but I prefer CE250 because it seems to work a lot better. My favorite is Quantum 9960, which I'm looking at in another post. The XL400 is very picky. I'm lucky to get the third try. You should practically place the thread in the tiny pin, and you must tighten your eyes, which prevents the automatic threading purpose. Make sure the needle is right. The CE250 did not let it go wrong. So when I first got the XL400, I put the needle I always allowed, which was bad. So the automatic thread cutter would not work at all. Some pressing feet would not work. Finally, a light bulb came in and I realized I knew the needle badly. Remember: Flat Back – top of the page facing the back

Tip: Hold the thread with your left hand while pushing the thread and holding the other end with your right hand

Strange as the XL400, my favorite function is speed control. When embroidering a design, the speed is very slow and very fast. Normally slow and fast 1/3. If it's too fast, the design does not come out – there's a lot of thread that's coming up.


Editing and autopunch software is not included with the standard software like CE250. You have to buy it separately and it's pretty expensive. Not compatible with CE250 software, so if you already have CE250 software, it will still not work. You gotta give it back. I use a free program for editing, Stitch Era Universal.

It's very chilling and loud when the ring moves at a high speed. I wish it was quieter when I embroidered late at night when everyone else was sleeping. Of course, if I embroider during the day, this is no problem.

The message system is not very reliable. You hear a beep continuously when there is no trap. There is a thread net and a coil cap for the thread that solves the problem with the CE250, but there is no big difference between the XL400. If it is not nearly close to the screw, it will sound, but when it runs out completely with the screw or the upper thread breaks, the beep will only sound if there are at least 8 stitches after the break. the good news is that you can return by pressing the back button on the machine. Press until you reach the desired seam, and then press the start button.

Tip: Sometimes all you have to do is to tighten or loosen the thread and the buzzer will stop. Keep the thread with your fingers very loosely until it is sewn for a while without a beep and then release it. Also, make sure the thread is wrapped around the thread holder.

The stool holder is not solid. The thread can not stand upright. If this happens, it can be moved around the strap and the holder.

Tip: Place the large spindle head upside down to the top of the cloth holder, insert the thread, taking care to place another smaller thread cap on the other side of the thread.

It would improve if it were:

The fact that would really improve this would be an automatic cutters, like the Quantum Stylist 9960, except that you are wasting lots of threads because you have to cut off the entire stake before you cut it off. So if you just take control of the winding, you either need to roll the spool to save the thread you just pulled or you wasted it.

Overall, the machine is very beautiful. In addition to the above mentioned problems, this would be the perfect embroidery machine in this price range. I did not even use it as a regular sewing machine because I used Quantum 9960. When the CE250 was, it was my only machine. I did not want to go back and forth by disassembling and setting up the machine's embroidery part and then disassembling it to use it as a normal sewing machine. If only Singer had an embroidery machine that only embroidered, she cut out the special features of the sewing machine, so she lowered the price and the extra pieces she was carrying with it.

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