Product Review – Tensage (TM) Anti-Aging Skin Care

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The skin care market is constantly growing and developing. A new professional line has just entered the local market. The most important ingredient when you are ready for this so-called SCA (selection of Cryptomphalus Aspera, a kind of snail) has been developed in Europe and has been used for more than twenty years for wound healing. The product is marketed by Biopelle, Inc. under the name Tensage (TM). The product can be found in the doctors 'office and doctors' offices. (Just because the snails are not damaged by the skin care line)

There are several new products on the market that refer to growth factors as the next defense against aging. Tensage (TM) is one of them and uses a growth factor called SCA Biorepair Technology. This technology slows down and reverses signs of aging. This product helps to tone skin, texture, and flexibility.

I've just started using this product and I will follow my final review in the coming weeks. My first impression is that the product line is easy to use and has a fresh fresh smell. This is a plus because some growth factors in the market are unpleasant smells.

My skin looks wonderful after using the products and so far I think this product will be a hit, but time will tell. The product will detect an improvement on 7 days of use. This is advantageous as other growth factor products on the market that will find results for a few weeks or months

The product line consists of treatment ampoules that are the most important treatment and the recommended use with 1 vial per day for 7 days. After seven days, the company offers 1 ampoule per week. The line contains three types of moisturizing, depending on skin damage, such as wrinkles and sun damage. The line has a creamy and body lotion. All products carry SCA Biorepair technology.

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