Product Review – The AirCast A60 socket connector

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AirCast A60 created with athlete provides effective support and protection, convenience and simplified application.

Many athletes want to keep the stability of the bracket type sleeve, but can not wear them shoe-cleaning restrictions. The very popular AirSast by AirCast is used by tens of thousands of athletes but over-wide sports such as baseball, football and football.

The patent pending design includes a pair of elegant stabilizers located on both sides of the ankle. These stabilizers are formatted at 60 degrees to help protect the ankle bending and prevent winding.

This angle points in the direction of the frontal-fibular ligament ligament that breaks through the Brazilian sprain. The A60 Breath-O-Prene® fabric ensures that the wearer is comfortably cool and dry while the light anatomical design fits easily into athletic footwear without any bulk material.

The A60 is a single strap that securely retains its seat; instead of time-worn lashing

Like the popular AirSport ankle strap, the AirCast A60 is considerably smaller and thus provides additional space for it to be difficult to fit the shoe ring, such as clips, with minimal loss and stability.

The A60 helps prevent inversion and eversion injuries and improves ankle joint function for athletes with chronic ankle instability. Like the AirSport ankle fastener, the closure is made anatomically for the left or right ankles. This feature improves comfort and fit and reduces bulk.

We recommend that you consult with your doctor to determine which orthopedic condition

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