Product Review – The new active ankle was VOLT

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Active ankle protection is the latest wrist ankle protection from Cramer Sport. Hinged ankle protection is a support that uses the inner (middle) and outer (lateral) ankle hips. The use of the hinges to the bracket improves elasticity and extension of the ankle.

The difference in this ankle fastener is that it uses carbon fiber technology. Most other hinged ankles are made of thermoplastic plastic that tend to bend and adjust over time, so the closing surface becomes unusable.

What Active Boxing was the reinforcement of polypropylene shell with carbon fiber (the same material used in racing cars and bicycles). As a result, this results in significantly greater stability without sacrificing the inside of his athletic shoe. This increases the life expectancy of the brace and protects the ankle side from the blunt trauma.

The active ankle went on. After the highly popular Active Ankle T1 and T2 design, Cramer modified the ankle wrist and used a sleek bearing design wrist strap for a smoother motion range. The wrist is more stable for lateral and rotating leg movements, but allows the entire range of motion when bending and extending the ankle. This provides more fluid movement, so the bracket does not work against the athlete.

Then Cramer changed the ribs of the ribs to the side of the corner bony, making them thinner and stiffer. This is a top concern for regular active ankle booster users, where ribs are more flexible and flexible.

Together, these new features have produced one of the most dynamic and most supportive ankle joints on the market. The choice of volleyball and footballers is flexible and flexible, but you do not want to sacrifice flexibility.

Please contact your doctor to determine if the Active Ankle Bush is right for the ankle condition.

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