Product Review – The new Aircast Cryo-Cuff IC is a cold therapy system

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Acute injuries and postoperative cold therapy are widely used in orthopedic and rehabilitative medicine. Many people already know the RIZS principle:

1) Rest

2) Ice

3) Compression

4) Height

These rules have been dramatically reduced by pain and swelling after injury or surgery.

Ice or cold is the basis of analgesia. Cold use reduces inflammation, which is the body's response to stress or injury. If the area causing the injury is cold, the blood vessels will shrink in the area and slow down the body's response to the trauma. The use of cold in the area causing injury also has a numbing effect on the peripheral nerve, which further reduces the pain sensation.

Compression is a way of reducing swelling by reducing fluid around the damaged area. Swelling is a natural response to trauma, but excessive swelling can affect the healing time of the injured area.

Motorized cold units are devices that provide long lasting cold treatment in a damaged area or in an area undergoing surgery. The advantages of these units are many compared to cold cladding and gels. Maintaining a constant and accurate temperature over a long period of time reduces the chance of tissue damage due to excessive cold temperatures. Since most packs and cold pillows last for up to 20 to 30 minutes, as a unit provides up to 7 hours of continuous cooling, improves patient compliance and reduces the need for pain relief.

Most cold units in the market provide cold therapy alone, not compression. The only way to reach both is by filling the affected area with binding, then place the cold insert over the binding. This, of course, reduces the penetration of cold therapy into the damaged area

DJO, Inc.'s new Aircast Cryo / Cuff IC is a unique and portable device that solves both problems

The device is a pneumatic pump inside the refrigerator cover for automated compression and provide cold therapy. An older version of Autochill placed the engine in front of the radiator and did not provide compression.

Cooler water and ice keep the cryotherapy of 6-8 hours. The device consists of various insulated limbs designed to reduce condensation and leakage. Insoles can be disconnected from the refrigerator during treatment during movement of the patient. The Cryo / Cuff IC features a 30 second in / off auto-batch compression cycle with cold therapy. Cryo / Cuffs are available between the ankle, knee, shoulder, back and hip.

Aircast Cryo / Cuff IC combines concentrated compression with cold therapy to provide optimal swelling to minimize hemarthrosis, edema and pain. 19659002] For ease of use, Aircast Cryo / Cuff IC is ideal for postoperative healing, trauma, athletic training and home use.

Cryotherapy can not be used to compromise diabetes, Raynaud or other vasospastic disease, cold hypersensitivity or local blood circulation. Please contact your healthcare provider and determine if the Aircast Cryo / Cuff IC is indicated for your condition.

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