Product Review: The Shooter Lamp

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Stun gun flashlight is the absolute composition of multifunctionality. There is a flashlight and you do not need a reliable flashlight over and over again. The attachable red cone for the visibility of emergency sites. You have a 130 decibel alarm, and last but certainly not least you have a 200,000-volt stun gun. I've listed things more or less in the order in which they are most likely to be, but now I'm telling you if you ever need a stun gun, you'll look back on the decision, the best decision you've ever made.

Let's first see the flashlight. This is one of the features, and hopefully the only one you ever need to use. There is not much to talk about. It's a flashlight. It helps people who can not see the darkness, which I know is everyone else except the bats and they actually use a sonar. So if you can not see it in the dark or in a bat, you can always use a flashlight.

The second is the attachable red cone that allows this great gun to keep you and your family safe when the car experiences problems at night. If you did not have a highway on a highway on the night, I can tell you it's stressful and nervous. It's not completely visible for cars that slip away at 65 mph, no joke.

Next is the 130 decibel alarm. This can be used in several ways. If an attacker is approaching, you do not have to worry about using the stun gun frequently. Simply set up the extremely loud 130 decibel alarm and get a scared attacker. 130 decibel calls attention of others and the attacker knows this. I would say that the alarm will be more often enough to prevent the attacker.

Only if the attacker is deaf, stupid or high on drugs (or all three) it has the last function and, in my opinion, the stun gun. 200,000 was accurate. 200,000 were to stop the attacker, be it stupid, deaf and tall or not. Again, I hope that this wonderful device will never need the stun gun, but it is certainly good to know that it is only there.

So, for your own safety and for the safety of your loved ones, seriously consider purchasing a device such as the Starlight Torch .


Puzek Security Systems

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