Product Review – Truth is the Body of Magic by Ardyss

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In the last few months, I had a lot of questions about Body Magic. In order to get quality information, I address the most frequently asked questions in this article. Keep in mind that this information is based on the use of clothing and what I've seen for others.

So let's start with some basic questions, and then deal a little bit deeper with other issues.

A: Yes, you can normally breathe while wearing your clothing. And no, you will not cut off your blood circulation until it is in the right size.

A: You have to measure your waist, chest and hip. Then enter these numbers into an Ardys size calculator. (You will find a calculator at and a video that shows how to measure it correctly.) The calculator will tell you exactly what size to buy a piece of clothing. The Body Magic clothes size is up to 24-48.

A: Yes, the dress is surprisingly comfortable. It's easy to wear all day, but I would not suggest wearing it all day long until you've worn at least 3-4 times. Prior to that, I would suggest that I only wear 6 hours a day.

Q: How can I use the bathroom?

A: There are clips on the bottom of the garment that can be easily dissolved in the bathroom. I personally just pull off my dress, so it's easier for me.

Can body fat help lose weight?

A: Yes, yes. Wearing garments regularly transforms the body by redistributing the fat tissue and replacing the internal organs in the appropriate area. Ardyss Body Magic is designed to exert pressure on the abdomen and provides protection that prevents fat accumulation in the abdominal wall (back, front and side walls). After filling it, it transforms the body from the chest (fills them) into the walking area (eliminates local fat). It re-distributes the tired tissue, reducing the waist and lifting the bottom. Structure of the body also improves posture, and because it regulates the abdomen, it can quickly reduce to 3 size.

Q: Can I wear it after pregnancy?

A. Yes. Body Magic is perfect after pregnancy, because the abdominal tissue is very loose and the dress can help to heal and reform the shape of your abdomen.

Q: Can I practice Body Magic?

A. Yes. You can wear Body Magic clothing while exercising; However, two garments are made: the Vest Vedette and the Corset Pulled it.

Q: It's true that I can buy the clothes at a discount and I can make money with Ardyss International

A: YES! You can change your income with Ardyss International. Join the Ardyss family with a simple, instant reward, and lasting income.

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