Product Reviews – Good, Bad, and Drunk Funny

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If you see a marketing product or e-books, can you find information with Google about whether the product is worth buying? I've been doing this for many years, and I often found customer reviews and comments that helped make informed shopping decisions.

Today, trying honest reviews like a needle in two carbon gases, like almost every site, blog, and article, the product's "review" only tries to sell a product or ad to a competing product.

Try typing a product name into Google Search – then the word "Review". One of the things we notice is the comments that are copied / pasted in the context of the ads associated with the seller's provided product.

False reviews at home workplaces are norms. According to the website or blog post, a person has successfully used this product or been a member of that online program – and made thousands of pages! Yeah, right. Why does the same person publish a marketing blog at once and complain that she can not make money?

Could you never buy or read the e-book he controls? Was he just another companion trying to persuade people to get in touch? The truth is that the person probably did not use the product he sold and simply tries to convince him to buy his affiliate link.

The good news is that many experienced marketing professionals no longer use false reviews (if ever) and it is possible to find an honest product overview that gives both the benefits and disadvantages and can help decide eBook or software or whatever you can use.

There are honest control pages and blogs. Finding Google's results on these sites helps you make informed purchasing choices. Do not forget to be as skeptical as the products.

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