Product Reviews: Hoodia Gordoniplus and Hoodia XR

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So far, most appetite suppressants contain caffeine or other stimulants. Hoodia gordonii is unlikely to have any stimulating effect, but mixed products may be. As its name suggests, hoodia gordoniplus contains hoodia and other active ingredients. These additional ingredients are included in order to increase the efficiency of the product. However, adding green tea extracts means that small amounts of caffeine are present and may cause undesirable side effects to caffeine-sensitive individuals. For example, migraine patients are often instructed to avoid the use of caffeine-containing products. Hoodia XR, however, contains nothing more than the ingredients used to produce hoodia and capsules.

It is difficult to compare the amount of hoodia gordonii in the two products. Various production methods are used. Hoodia Gordoniplus uses the concentrated form of hoodia. Concentrates are generally believed to be the strongest sources of the most important ingredients. The package indicates that the hoodia gordonii content in hoodia gordoniplus is 400 mg 10: 1, which means that 10 grams of whole plants are used to produce one gram of concentrate. Hoodia XR contains 1000mg powdered hoodia gordoniit, which means that the entire plant is spilled into powder. There is no uniform dose for hoodia gordonii. Some people need to use more than others to achieve the desired results. Most companies suggest that the product should be taken one hour before meals or three times a day, but this is too strong for certain people. It is not recommended to suppress appetite completely. No one recommends hunger.

Hoodia gordoniplus currently sells a one-month supply for $ 39.95. Many companies report that prices will rise as stocks fall. It requires years of growth before hoodia gordonii is ready to harvest and the growing demand for the product has reduced power supply. Hoodia XR now sells for $ 49.95. Both companies offer multiple bottles, and hoodia XR currently offers free shipping through Federal Express to order two or more bottles.

Both hoodia gordoniplus and Hoodia XR offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but do not forget that the thirty days are not received from the date of order. Hoodia XR recommends that you use the product for ten days before making a decision. In some people the appetite decreases after the first dose. Others do not experience effects for one or more weeks. Whether you choose Hoodia Gordoniplus, Hoodia XR or other Hoodia products, you must check with your doctor, be in good health and drink lots of water as Hoodia suppresses thirst and hunger.

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