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Vitabase is a 7-day Colon Cleanse, a one-week colon cleansing program. It is a compound that is made up of a combination of high fibers and well-known laxatives that help jointly purify the colon and relieve constipation. The uniqueness of the product lies in the use of various herbs that scientifically reduce the discomfort associated with constipation.

Ingredients and Effects

7 Day Colon Cleanse uses psyllium fiber extracts, known as high fiber nutritional supplements. The product also uses a combination of laxatives such as cape aloe, cascara sagrada and senna. These are well-known natural laxatives and have no known adverse effects on the system. These laxatives combine to varying proportions to effectively aid removal and melting of stool deposits on the intestinal wall. In order to avoid cramping and gas transmission during the cleaning, the product uses natural citrus seed extracts. Other herbal extracts used in the product are called African Paprika. This is known for the decreasing properties of digestive disorders. It is also known to prevent inflammation. While these additional elements help most people relieve related symptoms, some users have reported uncomfortable use of this product.


The product contains 21 packs of scientifically prepared herbal remedies, as 7-day Colon Cleanse patients need 3 packets a day to deliver effective results. The manufacturer recommends that you use a package in the morning, one afternoon, and one third bed for seven consecutive days. However, the effects of the cleansing program can be observed from the first day. This product recommends that users should have a maximum of 8 ounces of water in the program. Diet planning is recommended. Suggests reasonable processing of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods.

People with sensitive systems warn you to use this product carefully, as some users reported spasmy feelings and daily life when drug treatment was reported. However, the reasons related to this convulsion were related to dietary recommendations.

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