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As a result of the great response to Body Magic's recent review, I decided to write a review of another great product from Ardyss International, "Body Reshaper".

Body Reshaper has two types – long and short. A short dress is like a body or a swimsuit and made for thin legs. It helps the spine, prevents the appearance of an open rib and prevents the accumulation of fat in the waist, the back area and the upper and lower abdomen.

A long garment extends to the thighs to help shape the comb and is designed to be a smooth and pleasing body. Its easy to apply and thin material feels like a second skin. It also helps to show a thinner, more attractive figure while helping the body's good posture.

The reshaper adds a small lift to the bottom and helps straighten the love handles. These suits provide the same great support, elevation and shaping as the other Ardys products. The difference between Body Reshaper and Body Magic is the level of support. Body Magic promises to help "3" drops, where Body Reshaper can only pull in 2 sizes.

These dresses are perfect for everyday wear and I can easily go with some clips and fast zipper. Plus it's lightweight and my favorite with Body Magic – of course.

If you want a smooth, ready-made look for a little "pull" around the midsection, then this dress is for you. Whether you wear jeans or jeans, Reshaper works great for you!

For more information or ordering your own Body Reshaper, go to [].

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