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After my last meeting with MRSA, I became the primary concern of skin care and hygiene before and after my workout. I'm a bit fanatic about instant cleaning and every tiny cut and debris, and as a result I have tried several products for preventative maintenance and skin hygiene. Finally, I was introduced to the Athletic Body Care range and found the perfect product for my sports and skin care needs. In this review I will first discuss my experience with using the product, then discuss the health benefits and my doctors comment on the product.

As mentioned above, I tried a few different products before trying the Athletic Body Care Foaming Cleanser. I have found that alcoholic products are somehow alcoholic, so if you cut this product on your skin after cutting or carpet burning, you will experience a more painful puncture than the alcohol penetrates as you did with the original cut. (Note: Painful stinging is not necessary to know the product.) For some other products that do not have alcohol, I found that after application or were associated with some smells. Now no one likes to feel bad when they are on the carpet, but you do not want to smell like a floral bouquet.

With ABC Skin Sanitizer I found the best in both worlds. The product is not alcoholic, so there is no painful puncture. It will then leave no slim residues or floral scents. It comes with a comfortable 5 oz. a bottle that can be easily stored in the training bag and the top padlock is not going to go out on your entire equipment. As it becomes foaming when it splits, only 1-2 channels are required for use in open areas on your arms and legs after training. The product was used about 3 weeks after all my weekly workouts, and only 20% of the bottle disappeared, which means it lasts for a few months.

to the medical site of the product. The product is water-based and the active substance is Benzalkonium Chloride. Now I'm not a chemist, but I've been researching and one of the chemicals used is a biocide. Biocide is a chemical that can kill living organisms. Do not worry if you do not use it, it will not kill you, but it's enough to kill any bacteria, mushrooms, germs or infections on your skin. There is a page on the Athletic Body Care website that discusses several scientific experiments and results of the Sanitizing Product. Now I firmly believe in checking the facts before you believe it, so I took this product to my doctor who handles MRSA and is a contagious specialist. He strongly suggested that this product should continue to be used to prevent MRSA or other skin infections. Note: If you have an MRSA that does not cure this product, you should seek out prescribed antibiotics from your doctor. This, however, prevents him from renegotiating it in the future.

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