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There are hundreds of different miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and models on the market. Choosing the right exclusion tool may be jammed. By referencing the guidance given in this article and the selection guide, choosing is much simpler. With a well-equipped MCB lock, secured by a safety lock, workers are protected against the risk of unexpected electrical power or power supply.

This product focuses only on low voltage circuit breakers; which can be found in a standard household or commercial consumer unit that can be attached to a DIN rail. There are many other types of breakers in the market, which increase in size by increasing the voltage.

Lockout Types

This article compares Brady and Master Lock MCB locks. Each manufacturer has four different versions, each of which has been designed to have the same circuit breaker. These are the following.

Master Lock

  • S2390 [19659008] S2391 [19659008] S2392 [19659008] S2393

[19659003] Brady [19659002]

  • POS
  • POW
  • PIS
  • TBLO

the choice is often done simply at a price. Indeed, the price is quite contrary to the Brady versions, which are more than double the versions of Master Lock. The purpose of this article is to provide objective comparisons that highlight the various features and give the authors an opinion on price changes.


The first three devices in the range of wires to small holes on the side of the MCB switch

To connect the pins into the holes, they must be further extruded. The Brady version can be achieved by pressing the spring plunger with your thumb. In the Master Lock version, two parts of the shutter are articulated.

Exploiting the wire taps in this way can now be manipulated on the circuit breaker holes. This is both an awesome task and skill. However, once they have successfully completed the task, they can quickly get the "sword", so later attempts are going fairly straight forward.

Once fitted, the padlock can be easily added. On the Brady version, the spring plunger retracts and opens the lock hole. In the Master Lock version, the two sides must be wound to align the lock holes.

The lock hole diameter in the Brady version is 7.35 mm, the Master Lock version is 7.9 mm. Considering that most safety locks are between 5 and 6.5 mm, both are perfectly suitable.

The second versions of each domain (Master Lock S2391 and Brady POW) are designed to connect with a MCB circuit breaker to wider holes. However, in the Master Lock version the wingspan width is marginally wider than the other version of the S2390; it is less apparent in this note that these two (S2390 and S2391) are different. To compensate for this, the latter has a red thumb while the former is black.

The third versions of each domain (Master Lock S2392 and Brady PIS) are configured to fit the MCBs where coupling holes at the breaker edge

Fourth versions in each domain (Master Lock S2393 and Brady TBLO ) offer a kind of universality. Both can be used with multi-pole circuit breakers that work with a tie strip. The Master Lock version can also replace other versions of the domain, wider. You can use this version effectively for most MCBs; this ability is not possible with Brady's TBLO tool. The Master Lock version is fitted with a small screwdriver to the circuit breaker, which introduces a pointed screw screw into the circuit breaker switch, which results in a small induction. Repeated coupling may cause damage to the same circuit breaker, which may eventually prevent locking.

Build Quality

Overall, Brady's version feels better. Brady states in their literature that MCB locks are made of glass nylon. Master Lock does not require the production material in their literature, though the plastic "feels" more fragile.

Applies to Intent

Applied to the MCB, a small amount of power can be used or the device is disconnected from the circuit breaker. Nevertheless, the products of both manufacturers remain intact. Failure occurs with the circuit breaker itself if the connection openings are open. At this point, it is noteworthy that Section 8 of the Workplace Health and Safety Act, etc. 1974 Act of the Year, 19459010, "Everyone has the obligation to not intentionally or negligently interfere or abuse something for the sake of health, safety and prosperity."

Individuals seeking such action to override the exclusion must be mindful to keep this and not just the legal consequences, but also the personalities.


Both manufacturers have been found to fit the MCBs they have been assigned to each of them to perform the function for which they are designed As mentioned above , Master Lock S2393 offers some universality, potentially denying the need for the rest of the province, meaning that it does not fit as well as others specifically developed for the host MCB, although this aspect has not been fully evaluated in this

The Brady Variation they are better quality and more ergonomic. They are less easily fit into the MCB than the equivalent Master Locks.

Nevertheless, Master Lock's MCB closing devices are perfectly suitable for less than half the cost of the Brady series. Any breaks may be allowed due to available cost savings

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