Product Testing – GE Simon XT Home Security System

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It's pretty easy to look at something you use for yourself, especially after you've bought it, to death. Yes, I just released the whole review as this is my favorite home security system on the market today!

GE Simon XT was created by Interlogix Division. Interlogix has a very long history in the security arena with a high reputation and reputation.

What to Look for in a Home Security System?

Home security system should be simple to use or will not use. You also need to be reliable or your goal. As much as possible, you can narrow down your choices on the feature list. Buying a well-known large manufacturer will provide good support if needed. For those who want to install a home security system, it is better not to have a brainpower as some products are there to be a rocket scientist to work properly. And finally, the price you pay if you are not Donald Trump and your chance is that it makes no sense to read that.

Features or Benefits – can both be ?

We often see such great sounding features in a product that can sell us, but in reality these features are not addressed to solve our problems or provide benefits. Well, Simon XT is an exceptional exception and I have to lend engineers to providing the necessary and useful features while being simple and easy to use.

What are these benefits?

I'm not going to repeat everything on the datasheet, but here are some things that you like best:

and it's simple enough for kids to pull off as four key buttons control most of the features.

The large LCD and buttons are backlit to see what you're doing even when you're in a dark cabinet.

Of course, it allows many zones and even wire and wireless sensors to be used.

It supports the internal mobile phone communication card so you do not have to rely on the phone network. I bought the version with the built-in version.

It supports the two most important communication formats for security monitoring, so it answers almost any supervisory company. The CID or contact ID is used by many companies since it has been in operation for some time. The Securities Industry Association (SIA) is another, more robust and open standard that provides more security and control stations.

The backup battery operates internally and is powered by any power failure.

One-touch emergency help.

Two-way audio communication with remote monitoring and is really smart.

Expandable with a number of options, including multiple remote wireless speakers with touchscreen.

Very cheap.

Installation was a piece of cake.

Is there icing on this cake?

As a fan of home automation, I tried to unify my security system with my Z Wave system in my wish list, but this was not a showstopper. Well, Simon XT is fully compatible with my already automated home automation.

Given the number of GE Simon XT's offering to the largest companies in the home security industry, it is even more a non-think tank.

My Complaints

If you have your own X10 home automation module, be careful because X10 compatibility is not working according to the literature. Obviously, a special power transducer needed to transfer X10 signals and is no longer available.

The only complaint I would like to have is the manual attached to this unit. There is no person like me who has all the information available. Downloading the latest and complete manual resolves this problem.

There is a new version, Simon XTi, which recently appeared.

The new Simon XTi enhances the convenience of the touch screen touchscreen. It also allows you to capture images captured with a wireless sensor at your home away from home. Images are stored and handled in the Simon XTi library and can be viewed online.

While these are all nice features, you need the camera to use the second feature. As I have started, is a service ever to benefit? Maybe some, but not me.

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