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I recently bought the HoMedics SC-540 scale in a local sports warehouse. The purpose of this purchase was to find a way to accurately check the percentage of body fat. But what I got was much more. This scale takes into account the level of hydration and tells you what it is, as well as body fat, muscle and bone percentage.

There is a hand-held body monitor, palm, but it was extremely inaccurate. So, the models that consider the hydration level read by my healthcare professionals and my discussion are more accurate. That's why I thought this scale was the right choice for me.

In addition to being accurate, showing your body's hydration level with body fat percentage and muscle mass measurement will allow you to track changes every week in your body. This is important because if you notice that the hydration level has changed significantly from one measurement to another, you may assume that the other statistics are not accurate or at least do not have to be strictly compared with the previous measurements. In this way I am sure that if the level of hydration is consistent then I can trust that the other reading is accurate. So I know that fat or muscle fall and I can react quickly to these changes. Obviously I want to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage, and this balance is a great tool to help me with this goal.

I was so excited to start using this scale and I really feel it was a good buy. I saw little fluctuations in body fat from one week to the next, and it is reassuring to see that this number is falling while my weight remains the same. While I'm currently doing INSANITY, I intend to push the body fat down to the end of the program, then move the gears and probably go back to the P90X with the aim of placing more muscle mass on the body fat level. I think this balance will help a little.

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