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"This is a season and you may have been a special person in your life expressing your interest in beekeeping. There are several wonderful reasons to take the beekeeping profession as a hobby.

It is obvious that if you love honey after you have created If you are interested in the environment, worry about climate change and many people's problems that change the face of nature, then a beekeeper has become an excellent personal commitment

For this reason, if you are still you have not heard, honey bees worldwide have a large number of deficiencies due to the lack of immunosuppression, genetic defects and the navigational difficulties caused by the agricultural use of pesticides, honey bees can not handle the poisonous load and are on the perimeter as a beekeepers and especially as urban beekeepers to keep honey bees while scientists and environmentalists create a practical global plan to regulate the use of pesticides or ban certain pesticides

Honey bees in cities generally experience less toxic substances in cities. While cities can be an environmental challenge for humans, honey bees are less able to absorb the highly poisonous levels of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals as they flow from flowers to flowers, seeds and stomachs. There are many things to consider after becoming a beekeeper, and after you learn the course to understand honey bee biology, you have to decide which bee you want to pick up and what bees are desired

There are three basic styles in the beehive box, though new patterns come out, as urban beekeeping will become more popular, says it's like own brewing. Honeycomb falls into this category, and I'm going to write about that micro-cooking gap. But I left. The most commonly used beehive style is the Langstroth hive. The next is the Warre hive. A new child in the United States is the most popular bar hive, commonly used in Africa as a hive style. Bees are found in an upper bar breeders and are justified for this reason for other reasons.

This article takes some of the advantages and disadvantages of the features of a base-hinged hive. You can easily build an upper bar dough and free plans are available on the internet. In this article, I review one of the most popular bar-hive brands that you can order on-line, ship it to the door, and set it up with minimal assembly.

Bee Thinking's top lane. After seeing the bees in this particular bee-keeping style, I can point out some things to consider before selecting the top bar for bees. I will cover the Warre hives in a separate article, but in my opinion both the Warre and the Langstroth hives face the challenges of the weight and mobility of the uterus, as well as the beehive itself, if it is to be moved. [19659002] Whatever you do, do not be afraid to change the hive before installing the honeycomb in spring. Keep in mind that upper bar hives allow bees to compile their colonies because bees are best considered to use their own natural wax base and determine the uterine area. The size of the comb cells is different for female / worker bees and male / drone bees. Varroa mites utilize the cells of higher performance diets to place eggs in drone larvae. The larger the cell, the more space the damaging mite has to penetrate into a cell and into a healthy larva. When bees build their own combs and cells, the cell dimensions are different from the man-made plastic base sizes. Tragically, people were more interested in diversion of "big bees". Big bees are more honey, but this approach does not prove to be a sustainable model or good honey bee.

Obviously, I admit I was biased in the direction of bees and the design of my own bee-maker that they've been doing for millions of years!

  • cedar construction, no need to paint the hive except aesthetics
  • feet provide a large delivery system for Crisco and Boric Combine the ants in the hive
  • the bears regulate the entrances that bees enter the womb; these are very easy to use
  • Ventilation holes on top of the box hold moisture for the capture
  • optional metering equipment
  • The roof top roof is complementary to weather-related dynamics; rain and snow; Provides extra heat insulation, which keeps heat in cold months; under the removable roof, there is enough space to place a bottom fondant or granulated sugar on top of the colony cluster when it is overcooked in the sugar syrup nutrition
  • window; ie you can see exactly where your colony settles, what kind of comb is cleansed and empty, and in what direction the hive moves, how it extends or breaks,

    • There are no spacers; The uterus is different from comb comb and honey combs. The honey comb is wider, the comb comb is narrower. Spacers give "bees" to bees to build honeycomb bases where they want it. The spacers allow for the widest width of the bee-shaped base, which has a multi-dimensional depth as the comb comb. You can make spacers, and if you go to this kind of hive, I suggest this
    • There is no upper entrance. Bees clean the winter days when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees. The Langstroth hive is also suitable. Bee Thinking is not the top bargepepe. If you choose this brand, cut a 1 in. Inch upper in the center of the box before inserting the bees. The upper entrance opening should be approximately one inches in diameter, only slightly smaller than a diameter of a wine glass – so all incoming doors are enclosed in this box.
    • There is no adjustable / detachable lower table. This is the worst disadvantage of this top bar design. The removable or adjustable lower table gives better or better handling. You need to evaluate Varroa mite counts and bees need easy access to remove bees and other debris from the hive. The keeping of bees is also part of the work. The removable / adjustable lower plate, which has been screwed in cold weather, is a design change that can benefit the top bar bag model. I think it's worth the extra money. In the following spring, the surviving colony comes to an upper bar hive with a removable / adjustable lower table and the Bee Thinking hive needs to be modified before installing into a second colony or nuc to the old upper bar hive.
    • The follow-up plates do not allow working bees easy access to the sugar dispenser, while excluding the queen from getting out of the nesting chamber. In order to correct this problem, in the spring I will change the bee's thinking beehive by creating two shredded follow-up plates. I ordered a new top bar handset to share my colony (if everything goes well) or start a new spring with two colonies. Now that bees are worked as a full bar magnet for a whole year, I know what changes should be made to the beehive that is still in the box and expect to experiment with design.

    I'm giving a Bee Thinking top bar to a range of 1-10 degrees to 7. The top bar of Gold Start will be the review of the following beekeeping equipment. I certainly recommend a similar review to each bee style before beekeepers strive to decide on a hive or make their own hive in spring 2012.

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