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Is the provillus scam? This is a common question when many ask when they are looking for a product. Provillus has a good amount of humming over the internet. Most review sites are ranked # 1, and product ratings have shown that they have most real results. Of course I'm skeptical, so I can not believe it. Most of the things that are popular on the internet prove to be cheating, and Provillus seemed to be just such a product. However, I was still curious whether or not this product was working after reading such positive reviews. I chose my own personal research to answer the question – provillus is a scam?

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Most people using hair treatment formulas seem to be either on either side. On one side, they are like propecia or rogaine. On the other side there are those who support plant DHT blockers because Provillus is the contents of the package. Those who are on Propecia are attacking Provillus for it to be a scam. For those taking Provillus, Propecia is attacked due to rough negative side effects such as sexual side effects, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

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In the midst of my research, I found something very ironic. Of all the people who rely on Provillus, usually those who have never tried the product themselves. Most did not speak about first-hand experience. When I was looking for those who actually attempted Provillus, it seemed to have actually shown them the results. The ones I spoke with were people whose hair began to grow thicker and the most, if not everyone had their hair loss.

So to my original question – Provillus scam? The conversation between the two parties did not affect my Provillus opinion if something was likely distorting my opinion on the product. Nevertheless, the results were the most important ones that influenced the decision I tried to make myself. It's been through me for a month now and I'm starting to get started. Hair loss has stopped and a little thicker. I do not know how long it will take, I just have to use it and see it. What I can surely say is just like now, working for me. If there is anything, I'll get the 6-month money back guarantee if it does not work for me.

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