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Despite popular belief, pet rats are not pets, which can only be kept in a cage and can be forgotten. They are very intelligent, active, entertaining and very cute. They need a lot of stuff to capture them if you're not there. They enjoy playing with you and with themselves. It is very important that you have more than one rat to keep your company in the daytime.

So here's the chewy shopping list. First, we have our basics:

  • Big Rat Cage. Make sure the gaps are not too wide or the rats may decide to walk
  • water tank
  • Food cup and snack bowl (so sweet and salty) rodent paper from work.)
  • Rat Food – one basic cereals / blocks, to which tasty dishes can be added to spicy things.

But here are some exciting things for your rat:

  • Rat Horn – Rats love to knit a bright woolen hammock. You can make one or buy one.
  • Igloo – Rats have to hide somewhere when the world is a bit too much. Insert some comfortable bedding to make a small sanctuary for rodents.
  • Kong Toy – Just use the ferret Kong game. Fill in some fine rat foods and have a great way to keep your rat entertained when you're out.
  • Rat Litter Tray – yes, the rats are well trained and very easy to accommodate. You can get a small corner tray at the corner of the cage or just use a shoe. Place the rat strain on the tray and put it in. Soon you will receive the message. Cleaning will be much easier.
  • Chew Games – Rats love to chew and are very good for their teeth. You Can Buy Fruity Tastes Of Wooden Toad Too Loved By Rats
  • Tasty Meals – Rats Love All Kinds Of Foods. You can try different fruits as well as cooked pasta and rice, and even eggs.
  • Rat Training – Rats can train with a 10-minute training each day. You can teach your rat to come when they are called, applauded, and even overturned. All Purity and Patience
  • Rat Bonding and Lead – An interesting idea if the rat wants to see the outside world
  • Love. This is the most important thing. It gives a lot of love to the rat and will be very happy.

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